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Japan souvenir design

Individual project 2015

TA KE is a simple Tea set souvenir and made by bamboo. Using bamboo is because of the integrality between tools and cup. When we see some bamboo crafts we may think about Japan, then bamboo craftsmanship becomes a kind of symbol. Materials choosing and making processes are showing their representational craftworks.

Mocha is green tea powder which is using in the tea ceremony, it needs a scoop to pick up the powder. But in Japanese’ daily life they still drink tea with leaves, Genmaicha (green tea with roasted brown rice) is famous worldwide, with better drinking experience, use a tea filter.


TA KE is a two ways tea set for daily tea experience. Bring the Culture and caftworks to others.

Bring to daily life and feel their culture.

Green tea powder

Tea leaves

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