Branding design

Group project with LAM TSZ YAN Lamchi 2015

All the things of "New Balance" are starting from the word "BALANCE". It is the brand with an energetic image and producing sports products. The company uses Arch Support to give users comfortable user experiences. Bicycle is one of the sports which needs high body balance capacity. It becomes our main direction for New Balance.

One of the New Balance's images is Arch Support which is following the foot shape and try to fit everyone. It provides greater balance and comfort in the shoes. Therefore, we applied that arch support into our bicycle, which is parallel to the body arch. In order to bring out comfort and balance when users riding. Also, there is made of triangle structure, this makes high stability and not easy to be broken. Thus, we tried to design a new balance bicycle with its outstanding brand image, Arch Support.

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Triangle structure


Rubber handle

Light Bracket

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