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Healthy care product

Group project with FAN KA YI Emily 2016

Herby is a smart pot with a special feature of dehumidifying.

The system condenses water from the air, the water collected will be stored and water the plant. Herbs promote relaxation through their scent, for example, lemon balm. It can improve our sleeping quality and good for our health.


Urban people with the situation of long-time computer using, They need some extra element to help them to relax mentally. It can be a nice healing product for people to relax.

Self-watering system

The mini fan inside the pot will create a flow of current and draw the air in, then the cooling agent will condense the air from gas form to liquid form and store at the bottom.

cooling agent


air hole

mini fan

glass container

Using biodegradable paper as package. The seed is mixed in the paper. Customer need to tear off  part of the package and put in the soil. The paper will eventually decompose in the wet soil.

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