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Fashion accessory design

Group project with LAM TSZ YAN Lamchi 2015

It is an illuminated device design for Sportswear. Based on the urbanite in HK, it is common that suffer from the healthy diseases as they do less exercise, but it also related to the environment we lived, HK is a crowded city and dangerous to do exercise at night due to the work-time. Thus, Glowrunner is a light moving accessory for the runner, to protect them when they run at night and provide a better running experience.

Light is the accompaniment of night.

A fashion accessory for wearing between knee and ankle during day time, a safety device at night time. It can protect runners, to alerts drivers and other bicyclists of runner's presence, provide a better running experience. It is easy to collect, adjustable for any kinds of runners, look good & do not affect when running, especially to encourage urbanites to run.

Using reflective tape as the fixpoint of the light. Users can adjust their size by stretching the elastic rope.


Brainstorm rough sketches / mind maps

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