Transportation design

Individual project 2017 

Selling live fish in wet markets is Hong Kong's unique culture. Despite it being so important to our daily lives, long work hours, tedious manual work and poor work environment are the problems the fish industry has long been facing. Therefore, fewer young people are willing to join the industry. It is believed that industrial transformation may be the best way to sustain such a valuable local culture.

Fishbacker is a simplified future system using technologies and innovative tools to transport live fish and other seafood. By enhancing work efficiency, work hours would be reduced and the current problems the industry is facing would be eliminated to create a brand new work experience. As it caters for the needs of the next generation, young people would be encouraged to join this industry. This system guarantees the best quality of the fish in the long haul transportation process and ensures the sustainability of this live fish culture of Hong Kong. 


For user of Fishbacker, to order seafood, bid live fish and track on their boxes.

Scaled Prototypes

Presentation booth layout

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