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Furniture design

Individual project 2015


It has been an Electronic Age, electric devices become a necessary of our life. Therefore, there is a lot of pervasive problem appeared, like health problem of mental and body, less communication with each other, people rely on them too much to have a healthy lifestyle.

Digital Detox” is a lifestyle of people use a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic connecting devices such as smartphones and computers. To reduce their stress and focus on their social interaction.


A living habit can’t be changed immediately, how can we find a chance to let them try a healthier lifestyle?

When they would like to put down their phones or other devices?


If their electric devices is running out of battery on the street, they have to find a charging station, and they can’t use them for a while. My charging station is going to catch this time period, to let them do more exercises.


“E-motion” is a charging station by human power, users charge their electronic devices by their own motions. And it set at praya, let them enjoy the sea view while doing exercise, help them to release stress and have a nice experience of having healthy lifestyle.

Quick charging for devices, 30 minutes exercises to have a full charged phone.


Mechanical calculatation


Model & Scenarios

Brianstorming Sketches
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